Blessings Forgotten (Professor Madeline Yu)

Leading up to and during the Fall, the TITANs used various biological experiments and weaponry in the fight against humanity. To defend against the TITANs, several large research labs and habitats were established, the largest of which was based on a small moonlet around Saturn. The habitat called Asclepius, led by Professor Madeline Yu, had an extensive series of labs used in the study of biological threats.

In the final months of the war, a TITAN virus broke free of quarantine within Asclepius, and quickly infected biomorph, pod, and then synthmorph crew members. Professor Yu was sleeved in the habitat at the time, and in the last moments before the virus overcame her defences, she initiated the self-destruct sequence, killing all 323 residents. Many egos were lost permanently, and much of the invaluable research data was corrupted or destroyed.

After the Fall, Professor Yu was re-sleeved from a recent back-up on Titan. Even though she didn’t remember the events on Asclepius, she was deeply affected by the knowledge that she was responsible for the loss of life and research. She then worked continuously on replacing the research, running experiments she believed had been run on Asclepius. Friends noticed as she became more withdrawn and focused on her work, often only sending beta forks to social events. One former colleague went to visit her and noted that she had started performing experiments on her own morph, rapidly improving its resistance to viruses and toxins, but with almost no consideration to safety and the integrity of her morph or ego.

Five months ago, she vanished completely.

Soon after, sources on the edge of the solar system reported the arrival of a previously unknown exhuman that called itself Blessings Forgotten. Firewall snuck a microdrone into every shipment going through the area, and luckily one ended up on her ship, The Memorykeeper. Before being found, the drone recorded the interior of a freighter retrofitted into a research lab. It was filled with plant and animal test subjects, some of the audio sounding vaguely like human cries. There were a number of crewmembers, and gait analysis suggests that they are all forks of her in synthmorphs. Although no clear images were captured, from what it did see, the drone’s AI believed that Blessings Forgotten’s main biomorph is heavily encumbered with cybernetic implants, parasitic plants, and insect grafts, looking more like a giant cockroach or spider than a human.

Her distinctive gait was uploaded into Firewall’s system and compared to data collected at various major enclaves throughout the solar system. She tends to stay rimward, sending a beta fork in a synthmorph to buy research equipment, usually using the reputation of Professor Madeline Yu as currency. Interestingly, there are indications that she has been part of at least four gatecrashing expeditions, one of which never returned.

Blessings Forgotten (Professor Madeline Yu)

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