Saturn Ascending

It's a Trap!

The crew narrow down Madeline Yu’s location to a single rock spinning around in Saturn’s rings, packing some explosives to destroy it (and Madeline) if need be. As they get closer, they find the floating husk of the Hildegaard. There are no signs of heat or power, and there is some damage to the front of the hull. The crew decides to investigate — what could possibly go wrong?

The entry is in the front, under the cockpit, leading directly into the cargo hold. From there, there are entrance frontwards to the cockpit, backwards to engineering, bunks, and kitchen.

The crew starts their search, quickly finding assassin synthmorphs holding Madeline’s pruned forks.

The ship’s corrupted AI (“Wotan”) starts up, springing the trap: “Greetings friends. Let me start by assuring you that humanity will forever be in your debt for the sacrifices you are about to make. Blessings Forgotten believes that she has duplicated the virus (and the cure) for the Asclepius virus used by the TITANs near the end of the Fall. Focus tests have been extremely effective, and now field tests are required. An attempted field test on Mars was corrupted and had to be terminated early. However, a second test has been scheduled for Phelan’s Recourse, and you are going to be one of several infection vectors used. Unfortunately, you will have to be sedated in order to ensure that you do not inform the habitat before your arrival. Please keep calm. If you surrender to my lab assistants, they will ensure you will feel no pain throughout this process. Units alpha and beta, please clear their ship. Units delta and gamma, please prepare the patients for injections”.

Solomon and Octavius buy some time while Thessa hacks the ship, eventually taking over.

The crew studies all the forks of Madeline Yu, and all the security footage they have of her. Thessa is sure that they have enough information to simulate Madeline’s walk, voice, and mannerisms. They use some @-rep to get a steel morph just like the ones Madeline uses. They will head to Blessings Forgotten’s home pretending to be her fork bringing back Solomon and Octavius for infection and analysis.

Octavius brings the explosives on board the Hildegaard, and they set a course for the exhuman’s asteroid. What could possibly go wrong?


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