Saturn Ascending

Crouching Assassin, Flying Daitya

Around 3am, the crew’s muses informed them that there were several newscasts about the detachment that they visited. A hovertruck carrying liquid fuel had a major mechanical failure and slammed in to the detachment, creating a fireball that could be seen and heard for kilometers. The building and squad cars were incinerated. Luckily, the lone officer on duty had just left the building to assist a tourist who had asked her to help change a tire on his buggy. The officer and the tourist were just far enough from the explosion to avoid any serious injury, and were treated at the scene for minor burns and bruises. After sunrise, the crew went to meet Fletcher for breakfast. He had chosen a Korean restaurant with several private rooms, one of which he had reserved. Fletcher, and the food, was waiting when they arrived. He smiled, stretching the sheen of new skin on the right side of his face and on his right hand.

Fletcher wanted the crew to head to the Saturn system and track down Madeline Yu. Zimmerman tracked the payments to the Mars flats back to an account that has seen some use on a collection of ships and habs in orbit around Saturn called Phelan’s Recourse. There are several Firewall contacts in Phelan’s Recourse, and he put the crew in touch with Ahmadia, who can help arrange for morphs and transportation.

The crew prepared for a trip to the Saturn system. Solomon decided to try a bouncer, and Octavius tried a takko with Thessa in a ghostrider. Upon their arrival, the team met Ahmadia, who was sleeved in a 2 metre, thin, female ghost morph with two extra arms, and pale blue skin like a hindu deity. “Welcome to the rings, children. May you have a blessed stay.”

Solomon’s contact, Shipless Joe, had a ship waiting for him, so the crew wound their way through the maze of Phelan’s Recourse, often relying on the hab’s ever-changing maps. As they entered a poorly-lit 20m x 20m shipping container that connected two sections of Recourse, there was a flash of light and a shot rang out, ripping open a hole in Octavius’ morph. Octavius’ enhanced vision barely made out the shape of a chameleon-skinned humanoid holding a rifle. It meshed a quick speech, “I apologize on behalf of my patron. She says that your handlers must be given a message. I pray that your backups are recent”. Solomon distracted the assassin with a freezer burst while Thessa hijacked an unattended Daitya, which she sent careening into the foe, crushing him against the wall. Octavius, held together with nothing but duct tape and a prayer, was quickly assisted by Solomon, who found some repair spray to help undo some of the damage.

Heading back to more populated sections of the hab, the crew were inundated with multiple newscasts of the attack in the cargo container, including one first-person account from the cameras on the Daitya. The crew were quickly gaining local celebrity status.

The crew found their ship, the outsystem skimmer named the Þrúðr, and received Shipless Joe’s request to simply deliver a sealed box of goods to the mining operation called New Texas. The mine is situated on an asteroid that the Titanian Commonwealth incorrectly thinks is within their jurisdiction, so Shipless Joe suggests the crew stay low and not attract the attention of the navy. The ship is stolen, but will be Solomon’s to keep if he pulls this off.

Octavius then led the crew to a bar called the Swing State, where he met up with his old friend, Ella Tan. She asks him for a favour. She wants him to stop a hypercorp-run mine that uses indentured slaves. She’ll provide a portable server, and if he can get all 52 egos out of New Texas, she’ll re-sleeve them out on the brink. It has to look like an accident though, otherwise the hypercorp, Ecologene, may get suspicious and look for their missing employees. There’s some @-rep in it for him, but no cred.

Thessa looks into the whereabouts of two missing persons, finding out that the two neo-ravens left a couple days ago on the Hildegaard, a short-range ship captained by Maya Nelson, an @-rep legend in the area. Octavius and Thessa try to visit her at home, finding out from her partner that she hasn’t returned, and was only supposed to be out for a quick day trip. Back at the docks, Octavius uses his new celebrity status to convince the dock foreman to give him access to some cameras in the area. Thessa and Octavius analyze the footage of the two neo-ravens before they went missing, finding that a case was shadowing them. Analysis showed that according to body language and the gait, the case probably held a fork of Madeline Yu.

The crew strapped in and prepared for travel.


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